Ten Tips for Teaching in Zoom

Here are ten tips for teaching adults in Zoom: #1. When hosting a Zoom session on your computer, log in a second time with your phone. When students join the Zoom session on their phones, this will allow you to see what is happening the same way the students see it. #2. Use the Share…

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Teaching Hacks


  Overhead Projector: Blank button Freeze button Photocopying: Mark the original with a yellow highlighter – You want to copy the original, not the copies. Is the original in a color?  If the copier has a Background Removal button, use it so that the copies are not gray.

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Christopher in South America


Friday, September 8, 2018 Friday was my first full day in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spent it with Anais, Guillermo and their 2-year old daughter. Anais and Guillermo are from Monterrey, Mexico, but their daughter, Ema, was born in Uruguay and is therefore Uruguayan. I was introduced via E-mail by my Mexican friend, Aida, who lives…

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How to learn Spanish on-line

In preparation for my first trip to Latin America, I am learning Spanish on-line. If my busy schedule allows, I’ll find a Spanish tutor, but for now, youtube videos will need to suffice. There are many forms, dialects and accents in Spanish. There are differences between Spanish in Spain, and Spanish in Latin America, just…

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Teaching English in Latin America


Opportunities for teaching in Latin America are harder to find than for Asia or the Middle East, but they do exist. Generally speaking, salaries in Latin America increase the further you get from the US/Mexico border, and the further you get from places where large numbers of North Americans like to vacation or settle. Many job…

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Teaching Beginning Beginners


Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 2:45 Renton Technical College, Room J-312 Teaching Beginning Beginners Christopher Benum Highline College, Immigrant & Refugee Program South Seattle College, Intensive English Program   Teaching Beginning Beginners is a workshop done by Christopher Benum at the WAESOL 2018 Conference at Renton Technical College on Saturday, October 27. Both in-class and web-based activities…

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School of Teaching ESL


The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL) Helping the World Communicate 1985 – 2017   The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL) was a program in Seattle, Washington that provided TESOL training. Participants were eligible to earn TESOL Certificates and/or ELL Endorsements. S-TESL was an independent nonprofit that worked in cooperation with universities to provide post-bachelor level TESOL…

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Teaching English in Vietnam


Teaching English in Vietnam In 1997, the United States normalized its relationship with Vietnam. By that time, the Vietnamese government had chosen British English as its standard form of English, and many British language companies, such as ILA and Apollo Education and Training, became established. There are also US and Australian-based teaching companies as well,…

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Teaching English in China

image of china

If you have citizenship in an English-speaking country, there are lots of opportunities for teaching English in China. Beijing and Shanghai might have a little more competition, since they are globally well-known. The salaries for English instructors in these cities tend to be higher than other parts of China; the costs of living are higher…

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