Meeting of Thursday, January 6, 2022

Meeting of Thursday, January 6, 2022   Zam Cingh, Student & Services Coordinator Lisa, Publicity & Website Designer Christopher, English Instructor – 1 – 12:00 PM:  Historical Acknowledgement:  January 6th (Christopher) – 2 – 12:02:  Acknowledgement:  Young Adults of Myanmar (Zam) – 3 – 12:11: Samples of Flyers & Certificates  and discussion thereof (Share Screen) –…

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Myanmar Class #1 – EOT (February 2022)

Meeting of Monday, February 21, 2022 Meeting of Monday, February 7, 2022    Meeting of Wednesday, January 19 Meeting of Thursday, January 6, 2022    Conversation & Structure 1 Tests    End of Trimester – Schedule (January-Febuary 2022)   C&S1 – Student Test Results (Private)      

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Ten Tips for Teaching in Zoom

Here are ten tips for teaching adults in Zoom: #1. When hosting a Zoom session on your computer, log in a second time with your phone. When students join the Zoom session on their phones, this will allow you to see what is happening the same way the students see it. #2. Use the Share…

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Teaching Hacks


  Overhead Projector: Blank button Freeze button Photocopying: Mark the original with a yellow highlighter – You want to copy the original, not the copies. Is the original in a color?  If the copier has a Background Removal button, use it so that the copies are not gray.

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Christopher in South America


Friday, September 8, 2018 Friday was my first full day in Montevideo, Uruguay. I spent it with Anais, Guillermo and their 2-year old daughter. Anais and Guillermo are from Monterrey, Mexico, but their daughter, Ema, was born in Uruguay and is therefore Uruguayan. I was introduced via E-mail by my Mexican friend, Aida, who lives…

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How to learn Spanish on-line

In preparation for my first trip to Latin America, I am learning Spanish on-line. If my busy schedule allows, I’ll find a Spanish tutor, but for now, youtube videos will need to suffice. There are many forms, dialects and accents in Spanish. There are differences between Spanish in Spain, and Spanish in Latin America, just…

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Teaching English in Latin America


Opportunities for teaching in Latin America are harder to find than for Asia or the Middle East, but they do exist. Generally speaking, salaries in Latin America increase the further you get from the US/Mexico border, and the further you get from places where large numbers of North Americans like to vacation or settle. Many job…

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