School of Teaching ESL

The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL)
Helping the World Communicate

1985 – 2017



The School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL) was a program in Seattle, Washington that provided TESOL training. Participants were eligible to earn TESOL Certificates and/or ELL Endorsements. S-TESL was an independent nonprofit that worked in cooperation with universities to provide post-bachelor level TESOL training (with Seattle University from 1985-2013 and with Seattle Pacific University from 2013 – 2017).  Under specific guidelines, the university credits earned could be applied to master’s programs, at the discretion of the receiving university. The requirements for the TESOL certificate were completion of a minimum of 120 hours of instruction and an additional six hours of practicum. Those with an ELL Endorsement have met the Washington State requirements as specified at that time. Participants are able to request transcripts from the respective university.


The S-TESL program was project-based, blending practical skills based on theory and best practices in the field.   Alumni of the S-TESL program can be expected to develop materials and deliver instruction for either grammar focused or fluency focused language classes.


Graduates of the School of Teaching ESL have been employed in over 50 countries around the world as well as throughout the U.S. in K-12 education, higher education, and community based programs. Many have gone on for graduate degrees and work in leadership positions in the field.