Winter 2023

Appointment  with  teacher

Times for New Class


More than 1

Plurals 1:  Plurals Song

Plurals 2:  It is a ___ /They are ____  (Maple Leaf)


Short Vowels Song

CH vs SH:  Phonics Chant  CH 0:00 – 0:34   SH  0:35-1:03

Long “oo”  sounds


I, you, she, he, it, we, they:

Pronouns:  Teacher Tom



Opposite Words (Kids learning)

Use 0:00 to 1:34 & 3:45 to 4:38



Rooms (Hidden Picture)

Rooms & Objects (Singsing)



Ten Actions (Hidden Picture)


Practice Mouse


Sounds (Short E):

Video:  Short E – song    (0:47-2:00)

Video:  Short E Rap (We Learn Phonics)


Sounds (Short A):

Video:  Short A – No song    (0:00-0:42)

Video:  Short A