Saturday, November 6

  1. Question: “Do you?” “Are you,…ing?”
  2. Bombarding Questions
  3. Homework – Common Issues
  4. Actions Vocabulary
  5. Pronunciation – Short A & Long A
  6. Using the words – Make Sentences
  7. Simple Present Tense
  8. Are you/Do you?
  9. Speaking Activity


The Homework is in Google Docs.  To access the homework, click here.


Wednesday, November 3

Topic: Chores/ Helping others

-1- Bombarding Questions
-2- Vocabulary (Actions)
-3- Powerpoint
-4- Video -
-5- In class/Speaking

-1- Bombarding Questions: Ask Christopher

Students ask the person as many questions as possible. After two minutes, the person tries to answer all of the questions.
However, no one can ask two questions in a row. You must let someone else ask the next question before asking another one.

-2- Actions vocabulary: Animated verbs
-1- lift -2- blink -3- twist -4-drop -5- nod -6- stomp
-7- jump -8- punch -9- rub

-3- Powerpoint
If you send an e-mail to me I will e-mail you back the powerpoint


Look at the last activity that we did in class:
In-class Activity 3

Use your answers and your classmates answers to write paragraphs.
Write one paragraph for each student, including yourself.