Week 12


Google Docs for Today (Wednesday, December 29, 2021)

Class Notes – Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Today:  See Class Notes (Above)

-1- Lisa

-2-  January 1st, 2022

-3- Simple Past Negative: Video – We didn’t have umbrellas.

-4- /t/ VS. /d/ Pronunciation (Slides 19, 20 & 21)

-5- Sentence structure & Writing

-6- Homework 

-7- Conversation:  Simple Present & Past Questions


-8- Time ? – Video: What did they do (see below)


What did they do?:

Videos for Simple Past Verbs

starting at 8:35 (the bus)


Homework due Friday, December31, 2021


Part 1:  Write one paragraph about your life now.

You can start your paragraph #1 like this:

Example 1:   I live in ___________ now. 

Example 2:  These days, my life is _______.

Example 3:  My life is different now than it was before.

Paragraph #1:  Is about your life now. Use Simple Present tense. Write about what you do. Write nine or more sentences.


Part 2:  Choose a specific time in your life in the past,   when your life was different than it is now.

Example 1:   _____ years ago, I lived in _____________. 

Example 2:  Before the pandemic, 

Example 3:  When I was younger, 

Write one paragraph about your life at that time.  Use Simple Past tense. Write nine or more sentences.


Ask yourself the “WH” questions:






How often…How many….How much…How long…How far…?