Week 10


Saturday, December 18, 2021


Google Docs for Today

Class Notes – Saturday, December 18, 2021



Video #2 – Sound & Light – 7:55 to 10:45

Videos for Simple Past Verbs



Step 1:  Go to the Family Album page, and watch “The Lost Dog”, Episode 7.

Step 2:  Complete Parts 1-8 in Assignment from Google Docs:  Episode 7.



Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Google Docs for Today

Class Notes – Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Ask your classmates – Your life before


Video #2 – Sound & Light – 0:00 to 8:12

Videos for Simple Past Verbs


Simple Past & Pronunciation:

-1- Final /t/ sound

-2- When the final “ed” sounds like /t/


Homework due Friday, December 17:

Part 1:  Look at Your life before (Ask your classmates).  Write Four paragraphs with Simple Sentences about yourself and your classmates.


L.Lian lived in Kalay City.  He lived with his uncle. He bought food from the market. It was one kilometer away. He went there everyday. He needed to go there to buy ingredients for his family’s restaurant.


Part 2:  Look at Your life before.  Write Compound Sentences about yourself and your classmates, using:

Create four sentences with  ” , and ”  to join the answers for #3 and #4.

Create four sentences with  ” , so ”  to join the answers for #5 and #6.


Neam Sau was busy, so she went to the market only once week.


Which verb tense should all of the sentences be in?


Part 3:

Step 1:  Look at Saturday’s assignment,  Part Seven.  (Google Docs:  Episode 5.)

Step 2:  Circle every verb in your paragraph

Step 3:  Write “SimPast” next to every verb that is already Simple Past.

Step 4:  Change every verb that is not Simple Past into Simple Past.

Step 5:  : Change the sentences

Change the sentences to use  , but   ,so  &  , and :  all three of them once in your paragraph.


I needed to buy some chicken, so I went to the market.