Level 1 – 2020

Last Day of Class:  Saturday, June 6
Summer class:
Start on Saturday, July 11 at 9:00 a.m.


Start on Tuesday, June 30 at 6 p.m.
On-line classes:  Zoom + Homework


Videos:  Verbs 1 (Simple Present)

Videos:  Verbs 2 (Present Progressive)


Saturday, May 30th, 2020 (Saturday #8)

Watch the videos


Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 (Saturday #7)


I will send it on Monday before 8:00 p.m.

Notes from class (Sentences):

Short Dialogues

Question 1: Who has a cat?

Answer:  Irma has a cat.


Question 2:

What is Irma’s cat’s name?

Irma: “My cat’s name is Simba.”

Everyone: “Irma’s cat’s name is Simba.”


Teacher: “Amy has two cats.”

Question 3: Who is Amy?

Amy  is  Christopher’s  sister.


Teacher: “I do not have a cat.”

Liz:  “Why not?”

Teacher: “I have an allergy.”



Vocabulary:  Opposite Words:

up –  down

black – white

woman  –  man

stack – I  stack  boxes.

smile – Aicha  smiles at her daughter.

Main Topic:  “Clothing”  Verb: wear

Grammar Point:

Present Progressive Tense:    I +  am    wearing  ____.


Summer School:  5 Choices

Saturday, 9:00 a.m. (same times)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

8:00 a.m.,

10:30 a.m.,

1:00 p.m. or

6:00 p.m. – 8:20 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday

Review – Family:

Parent & Child:

 Anais  is  Ema’s  mother.
 Ema  is  Anais’s daughter.


A married couple (spouses):

 Sehee  is  Sean’s  wife.
 Sean  is   Sehee’s  husband.


Simple Present – every time

-1-Simple Present is not about what we are doing now.

-2- Simple Present is about what we usually do.


Simple Present:

The teacher usually wears a tie.


Present Progressive

Today, the teacher is wearing a blue tie.

Present Progressive:

I am wearing ____ and ___.

You are wearing ____ and __.

She is wearing____ and ___.

He  is  wearing ____ and __.

What are they wearing?

Example Paragraph:

         Anais  is  wearing  a  gray
 shirt and black pants.  Ema  is
 wearing a pink shirt and gray
 pants.  Ema  is not wearing

Paragraph- Activity 1:

        Sean  is wearing an orange shirt
 and  blue pants.  Christopher  is
 wearing a blue shirt and gray pants.
Sehee is  wearing  a  white shirt  and
 light-colored pants.

Paragraph- Activity 2:

        Aster is  wearing  a light-colored
hijab  and a blue  dress. Huber is
 wearing  a  gray  shirt.  Irma  is
  wearing a  pink  shirt.



Saturday, May 16, 2020 (Saturday)

1.  Simple Present – Negatives and Questions

2. Video

 3. Sentences from the class

4. Paragraph format


#1:  Questions & Negatives (to call)

#2: Video:  Verbs 1

Phrases in the video

#3:  Sentences from the class:

How to use these verbs

sweep She  sweeps  the floor.
sleep I go to sleep  at 10:00 p.m.
drive  Madino’s husband drives  his  car.
write  Zahira  writes   her  sentences.


Copy the Questions:

-1- Do you call your parents?
-2-How often do  you call them?
-3-Do you call your children?
-4-How often do you call them?
-5- What do you usually talk about?

Ask your classmates:

Ask: Person

#1 Selma

-1- Do you call your parents? Yes
-2-How often do you call them? Once a week
-3-Do you call your children? No
-4-How often do you call them?
-5-What do you usually talk about? health, family, weather

Selma does not call her children because her children live at home.  She calls her

parents once a week.  They talk about health, family and weather.


Ask Liz: Answers
1- Do you have a brother? No
2-Do you have a sister?    3
3-Do you call them?

(How often)?

twice a year
4-Do you have a niece? 1
5-Do you call her? No


Sentences/  Paragraph:

      Liz doesn’t have a brother, but she has three sisters. She calls her sisters two times a year.  She has a niece, but she doesn’t call her.

Saturday, May 9, 2020 (Saturday #5)

1. Two Videos

2.  Sentences

3. Family – Vocabulary

4. Common Mistakes from the Homework

#1  Two Videos

Video 1:  Household chores

Video 2:  How often do you brush your teeth?

#2  Sentences

Sentences from Activity 1:

     Bob  is  Ann’s  husband.
     Ann  is  Amy’s  mother.
     Adam  is   Samuel’s  brother.
     Adam  is   Ann’s   grandson.
     Amy  is  Adam and Samuel’s  mom.
     Christopher is  Adam’s  uncle.


Sentences from Activity 2:

-1- How often does the teacher talk to his dad? every week
-2- How often does he talk to his sister? twice a month
-3- How often does he help his dad? every week
-4- How often does he help his sister? sometimes


The teacher talks to his dad every week.
 He talks to his sister twice a month. 
 He  helps his  dad  every  week.
 He  sometimes helps his sister.

Sentences from Activity 3:


How often do you…

-1- …talk to your parents?
1a. Madino calls her father every month.
1b. Sandrine calls her mother every day.
-4- …help your siblings?
4a. Madino sometimes helps her siblings.
4b. Sandrine almost never helps her sisters.

#3 Family – Vocabulary:

Family Vocabulary (for website)



#4 Common Mistakes from the Homework


Question 6.

Which sentence uses “I sleep” correctly?

  1. I sleep at 10:00 p.m. every night.
  2. I sleep for eight hours every night.

Correct Answer:

Option #2: I sleep for eight hours every night.

Why?  “To sleep” is used for the time you are already asleep, not when you start sleeping.


When you start to sleep, you need to say:

“I go to sleep”  OR “I fall asleep”.

 10:00 p.m.  –  “When do you go to sleep?”


Question 11.

My brother’s wife is my ___________________.

  1. brother-in-law
  2. cousin
  3. sister-in-law

Correct Answer:

Option #3: sister-in-law


Question 20.

Which sentence is written correctly (grammar)?

  1. Sandra no mother or father in the United States.
  2. Sandra has not mother or father in the United States.
  3. Sandra hasn’t a mother or father in the United States.
  4. Sandra doesn’t have a mother or father in the United States.

Correct Answer:

Option #4: Sandra doesn’t have a mother or father in the United States.


Question 21.

Which sentence is written correctly (grammar)?

  1. Aisha daughter in middle school.
  2. Aisha daughter is in middle school.
  3. Aisha’s daughter is in middle school.
  4. Aisha has daughter is in middle school.

Correct Answer:

Option #3: Asha’s daughter is in middle school.

Option #4 is not correct because it has:

verb + noun + verb:

Aisha has daughter is in middle school.

“Aisha has a daughter in middle school” would be correct (no “is”).

Saturday, May 2, 2020 (Saturday #4)


eat  What time do you eat lunch?
read Cabdi  reads  books. (He)
sweep The workers  sweep the floor.
slip  The floor is wet. Don’t slip!

Sleep & fall asleep.

fall asleep   Alejandra falls asleep at 8 p.m.
sleep  Irma and Maria both sleep eight hours every night. (They)


Apostrophe:  ‘s

    Rene’s  pen  is  black.
    Liz’s  pen  is  blue.
    The  teacher’s  pen  is  red.


Family relationships

  Amy   is   Christopher’s  sister.
  Christopher  is  Amy’s  brother.
    Amy  is  Bob and Ann’s  daughter.
Bob   and   Ann   are  Amy’s  parents.
Simba  is the cat of Irma.  Simba  is  Irma’s  cat.



Family – Words:
 son  or  daughter   child
father or mother   parent
brother or sister   sibling
 husband or wife   spouse




someone who

Write your question

       sibling = brother or sister

parent = mother or father

Yes No
 1 -Do you have siblings in Washington State?   (brother or sister?) Hilda


 1 -Do you a parent in the United States?         Cabdi


3 – Do  you   have  children  in  college?    son or daughter?        Sandrine


1.  Hilda has siblings in Washington State.
   2.  Hilda has a brother in Washington State.
    2b.’s: Hilda’s  brother is  in Washington State.
   3.  Hilda also has sisters in Washington State.
    3b.’s: Hilda’s  sisters  are  in Washington State.
  4. Sandrine has  a  daughter  in  college.
     4b. ‘s: Sandrine’s daughter is in college.

Negative sentences:

5.Madino does not have siblings in Washington State.
6.Cabdi and Sandrine  do not  have parents in the US.

Videos:  Verbs 1

Spelling of Verbs:

“i”:  sit, kick, swim, and slip

“ee”: sleep and sweep

“ea”: eat and read

Phrases in the video

Vocabulary – Family Words


Saturday, April 25, 2020 (Saturday #3)

Video:  Verbs 1

Phrases in the video

Saturday, April 18, 2020 (Saturday #2)

New homework on Google Forms


New Vocabulary:

stamp,  envelope,  rubber band,  telephone, charger and tape




Saturday, April 11, 2020 (Saturday #1)


Old Homework Saturday, April 11, 2020

Powerpoint for Saturday, April 11, 2020

Video:  On, In & At

Activity:  In-class-In-On-At

Class begins on Saturday April 11, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Do not go to the school. We will meet in Zoom.

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Spring Quarter 2020: Item #:  1406

The first class is Saturday April 11, 2020. We will have class on-line.

Down for English.

Down for Spanish.


“Hello.  The first class is Saturday, April 11. We will not go to the college. We will meet on-line.  The computer program is called Zoom. You can connect to zoom on the phone or with a computer, at home.

You will receive my text messages with instructions. You will need to follow instructions and show me your work by taking pictures or responding to my question. EVERY ATTEMPT COUNTS! ASK A FAMILY MEMBER TO HELP IF THEY CAN!!!  Thank you.”




” Hola. La primera clase es el sábado 11 de abril. Como la escuela está cerrada, nos reuniremos por internet usando un programa de computadora que se llama “Zoom”. Puede conectarse para hacer zoom en el teléfono o con una computadora. Recibirá mis mensajes de texto con instrucciones. También, recibirás mis mensajes de texto con las tareas que debes completar. Tú deberás seguir las instrucciones y mostrarme tu trabajo mediante fotografías o respondiendo a mis preguntas. ¡CADA INTENTO CUENTA! ¡PIDE AYUDA A ALGÚN MIEMBRO DE TU FAMILIA QUE TE PUEDA AYUDAR!






Spring Quarter starts on Saturday, April 4.

Winter Quarter finishes on Saturday, March 14, 2020.


Videos – Is and Is Not

Video – Possessives


Contact your teacher.


 Simple Present Tense 1

Describing activities

Simple Present OR Present Continuous

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