Fall 2023

New  Times – January 9, 2024

Schedule – December 2023


Eval Questions in Persian


I, you, she, he:

Pronouns:  Teacher Tom (0:00 – 1:02)

Long Vowel ie:  ie words: pie, flies, fries (0:09)

Split i_e:  Long ie words, Watch 2:19 – 3:35

3-letter Words:

Short Vowel “o”

“o”  Maple  Leaf

Short Vowel “u”  

Short Vowel a:

Short Vowel “a”  Rap    Start 0:10

Short a Sentences Start 0:55 – no sound

Short Vowel i:

Short Vowel i Song

Short Vowel i Rap

Maple Leaf i



Thanksgiving food (Guessing Game)

Easy English:  no “s”    0:23 to 2:11

Fruits & Vegetables with “s” (Picture at 0:25)


I can walk.

Can you swim? / Can’t – Simple Skits – YouTube (Maple Leaf)


“i”  and “ee”



Ten Actions (Guessing Game)

Video – Actions with Spelling, watch 1:28-3:52



Five animals   (WHAT ANIMAL IS IT?)