EGIU – Simple Present Questions (p. 14-15)

Instructions for the homework due Tuesday, January 18

Open the document EGIU U7p14(SPres1E).jpg:


Read the instructions for Part A, Part B and Part C. 

Look at the examples.








Open the document EGIU U7p15(SPres1F).jpg:


Homework Part 1, Textbook 7.1

Look at each sentence.

Write the question

Note:  You don’t need to copy the first or second sentences from the book. Just write the third sentence.


Homework Part 2, Textbook 7.2

Use the words they give you to make questions.

Change the order of the words.

(1) Copy and (2) Follow the example from the text book for #1 and #2.

Write questions.


Homework Part 3, Textbook 7.3

Use verbs at the top in bold, such as:  do, enjoy and get.

Read the answer.

Write the question.


Homework Part 4, Textbook 7.4

Answer questions #1 & 5 about yourself.

Answer each question with “Yes, I do.”  OR  “No, I don’t.

Write both the question and the answer.