EGIU – Am, is, are, was OR were? (p. 20-21)



Open the document

EGUI – Pg 20 (was-were-am-is-are).jpg


Read the instructions for Part A, Part B and Part C. 

Look at the examples.











EGUI – Pg 21 (was-were-am-is-are).jpg


 Textbook 10.1

* Write one sentence for each picture.

* For every sentence, use “was” OR “were”.


 Textbook 10.2

* Use “am”, “is”, “are”“was” OR “were”.

* Write complete sentences.


 Textbook 10.3

* Use “was”, “wasn’t”, “were” OR “weren’t”.

* Write complete sentences.


 Textbook 10.4

Use the words they give you to make questions.

Change the order of the words.

(1) Copy and (2) Follow the example from the textbook for #1.

Write both questions and answers.